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Why did we create this Website ?

The main reason was, to make the usage of the SAP Service Marketplace (SMP) a lot easier for all customers.

We observed, that a lot of customers had problems with using the new functionality of the SMP. The SMP contains more or less everything, that you can think of in terms of SAP, but unfortunately the SAP search-engine works really poor (normally finds nothing, that is related to your topic) and the performance of this website is very, very poor as well - unfortunately independent of your internet network bandwidth. As you have to click always several times to find your stuff, it takes you very often 3-5 minutes, just to find the information or patches when you already knew before where they were.

If you are not familiar with this website, a lot of customers gave up searching (or hunting) after 30-60 minutes without any success, because the organization is very hard to understand, if you are not used to it.

In order to speed things up for all users during their normal daily business and especially for new users, that don't know about the structure of the SMP, we created this really easy to understand - and very fast - website. It always tries to guide you very easy to the "most common" points in the SMP. As soon you reach the "target", it links to the corresponding part in the SMP - there you have to wait once because of the performance of the SMP.

As the SMP is structured with a lot of hierarchy levels and you always see the current position of in this level ("launch-pad") on the right, this site will help you to understand the structure of the SMP as well.

As you may be asked for your password quite often, you should install a special SSO certificate into your browser. Then you are no longer asked at all for the user and password when logging on to the SMP.

All ideas for enhancement, improvement, correction and so on are very welcome. Just get in contact with us via this Feedback Link.

Why did we choose the name "www.EasyMarketplace.de" ?

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