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SAPOSCOL - Collecting all OS Parameters for Online Analyzation within the SAP System

The SAP Interface to the Operating System for Performance Data. The Operating System Collector collects CPU Usage, Disk Performance, Paging etc.

SAP Kernel Programs

saposcol in a SAP System

saposcol is running on any instance of the SAP System. It measures e.g. the following things:

  • CPU Usage
  • Disk Performance
  • Swapping
  • Memory Usage
  • LAN Statistics
  • File System status
  • Paging
  • Top CPU Consumers
  • Hardware Information

All of this measured data can be viewed in ST06. There it is collected mostly for 24 hours. So, you are able to investigate the current situation AND the history. That explains the special advantage to many simple OS tools, that just let you know the snapshot, but mostly not the last hours.

How to download the latest version ?

You can download the latest version of all the SAP Executables in the SAP Service Marketplace. As the binaries are different for each platform, you should have a look at the following link:
Download Executable Patches on the SAP Service Marketplace

If you have some more ideas to this topic, please let us know via the Feedback Area.

saposcol online help with all supported command line options

usage: saposcol ¬-dkrlfscvpgtomx| -i <interval> ! -u ¬<sec>| ! -e ¬|
-d  -  dialog mode                                 
-k  -  kill running collector                      
-r  -  kill running collector and print results    
-l  -  launch the collector                        
-f  -  launch the collector in any case            
-s  -  show collector status                       
-i  -  set new collecting interval                 
-v  -  show collector version                      
-u  -  time until collector becomes 'idle'         
-e  -  interval when collector is 'idle'           
-c  -  clean shared memory                         
-p  -  put shared memory to file                   
-g  -  get shared memory from file                 
-t  -  set debug trace level                       
-n  -  set normal trace level                      
-o  -  print all data                              
-m  -  print all snapshot data                     
-x  -  test background process running and answers 

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