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Replacement for saplicense in 7.0 available now - saplikey is the new tool

As of 7.0 SAP uses digital licenses, that cannot be installed anymore with saplicense. Therefore, it was always a pain to install a license in a system with 7.0 when no license was in - saplikey is the new tool, that works perfect for that.

In 7.0 systems withou a license, you always had to use the user SAP* and login via SAPGUI and then use the transaction SLICENSE. Sometimes, you did not know the password of SAP* or it was disabled or without any authorizations. Then you had to crack the system.
Now, it is a lot more convenient as SAP provides a new tool in the Service Marketplace for all 7.0 and higher systems, that is called saplikey.

saplikey is part of the kernel (available as download) and used on the command line and therefore always available.

More information on saplikey is available in note 1227762.

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