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sapevt - How to use sapevt.exe ? How does SAPEVT work ?

SAPEVT is a tool, that can send out events to an SAP system from the operating system level. So. it is often used for interfaces.

SAP Kernel Programs

sapevt in a SAP System

sapevt is a very interesting tool. It allows you to create events in the SAP system from the OS level. So, you can very easy "let the SAP system know", that you did something or want something to have done.

How to download the latest version ?

You can download the latest version of all the SAP Executables in the SAP Service Marketplace. As the binaries are different for each platform, you should have a look at the following link:
Download Executable Patches on the SAP Service Marketplace

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sapevt online help with all supported command line options

usage: sapevt event
              -p param      | 
              -t            | 
              pf=<profile>   ! 
              name=<Name> nr=<nn>               

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