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r3check - the SAP Cluster Table Check Tool.

This tool r3check can check Cluster-Tables for errors.

SAP Kernel Programs

r3check in a SAP System

This tool is able to check the contents of Cluster Tables in SAP Systems as described in note 89384.

Examples for Cluster Tables are:

This tool is a "small R3TRANS". This tool has a different interface then R3TRANS but calls internally R3TRANS. It generates the file TRANS.LOG in the current directory as well.

A sample call to R3CHECK could be as follows:
(edit the following e.g. in the file /tmp/control)

(dumping=yes) (This would be necessary for "logical cluster tables" 
               like DOKTL, which resites in DOKCLU (physical cluster))
SELECT * FROM <log. Cluster Table>     (e.g. DOKTL)
You can start r3check as follows:
r3check /tmp/control

The output will be generated as follows: Hopefully, you won't detect, that you have lost really essential data here ...

How to download the latest version ?

You can download the latest version of all the SAP Executables in the SAP Service Marketplace. As the binaries are different for each platform, you should have a look at the following link:
Download Executable Patches on the SAP Service Marketplace

If you have some more ideas to this topic, please let us know via the Feedback Area.

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