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Interested in Preventing Unwanted Side Effects Caused by SAP Notes ?

A new reporting tool is now available on the SAP Service Marketplace that helps you protect your SAP solution from unwanted side effects that can occasionally occur after you have applied Support Packages or SAP Notes. Using this tool, you can reduce your internal support costs and increase the reliability of your SAP solution.

SAP Support Packages are collections of SAP Notes that provide software corrections. Applying SAP Notes or Support Packages to an SAP solution enhances system stability and guards against potential problems. In some cases, however, SAP Notes and Support Packages are dependent on each other, and resolving a particular issue with one SAP Note causes new issues to arise in other areas or situations. To resolve these new issues, SAP publishes new SAP Notes that are related to the original SAP Note.

To allow easier detection of these interdependencies, a new reporting tool will be available on the SAP Service Marketplace as of August 2003. When importing a Support Package or SAP Note, you can check for known side effects and find relevant SAP Notes to treat these. Using this tool, you can proactively reduce the number of problems that occur as a result of applying Support Packages or SAP Notes, not only accelerating and improving the quality of issue resolution, but also reducing maintenance effort and costs.

In some cases, for example, an SAP Note may be included in a Support Package, but another dependent SAP Note has been created after the release of this Support Package. When you apply the Support Package containing the first SAP Note, the dependency information indicates that a new dependent SAP Note exists. By applying this SAP Note, you can guard against the negative effects of the first SAP Note.

You can benefit from using this new functionality in a number of ways: With fewer issues to solve, less message-handling effort is required. With greater transparency of dependencies between SAP Notes and Support Packages, messages can be solved faster and fewer messages need to be re-opened. All in all, this leads to a reduction in internal support costs and higher system availability.

Details on Side Effects of SAP Notes

On the SAP Service Marketplace, Quick Link /notes, you can view any known side effects of an SAP Note on the Side Effects tab. The upper table on this tab displays other SAP Notes that can be corrected using this SAP Note, whereas the lower table shows other SAP Notes that correct the side effects of this SAP Note.

It is planned to include a warning feature in the Note Assistant to indicate whether an SAP Note has any known side effects (Q1, 2004).

Further information on this new concept is available at:
Preventing Unwanted Side Effects Caused by SAP Notes

The special tool for finding these side effects is available at:
Report on Side-Effects of SAP Notes
(This report provides an overview of currently known side-effects of SAP Notes contained in a Support Package. The list also includes pointers to other SAP Notes, which are able to resolve undesired side-effects.)

Thanks to Jim Doll from Perrigo/USA for this tip !

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