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niping - Test the SAP Network Interface Layer (NI)

Small Client and Server niping in order to test the saprouter and the NI layer internally with the NI-Protocol (SAP Network Interface).

SAP Kernel Programs

niping in a SAP System

This tool niping is a server and client for testing the SAP NI (Network Interface) Layer. As the name is similar to "ping", it does something similar, but just with the SAP network layer. So, you can test SAProuter connections or other SAP connections with using this special ping - the niping.

Further information is available in note 86329.

How to download the latest version ?

You can download the latest version of all the SAP Executables in the SAP Service Marketplace. As the binaries are different for each platform, you should have a look at the following link:
Download Executable Patches on the SAP Service Marketplace

niping online help with all supported command line options and further examples

Test Program for NI-Layer (network interface)

running modes
start server     niping -s
start client     niping -c
self test        niping -t
verify hostaddr  niping -v

additional options
-H hostname    name of server-host                   (default localhost)
-S service     service-name or port-number           (default 3298)
-K sncname     SNC-name server                       (default no SNC)
-B bufsize     size of data-buffer                   (default 1000)
-L loops       number of loops                       (default 10)
-V tracelev    trace level (0 - 3)                   (default 1)
-T tracefile   name of trace file                    (default stdout)
-I idle time   maximum idle time                     (default 300 sec)
               t > 0  shutdown after t secs idle
               t = 0  no automatic shutdown
               t < 0  shutdown after -t secs idle or
                      first client disconnect (server only)
-R             raw mode

expert options
-N timeout     for completion of fragmented packages (default 200 msecs)
-O             one way mode
-Q maxbytes    fragment test mode
-D delay       delay between sends                   (default 0 msec)

Check network connection between host A and B on NI-level

Start niping as a server (option -s) on host A. Then start
niping as a client (option -c) on host B.

The client sends  packets of size  which are
echoed by the server. The client then displays the average,
maximum and minimum round trip time.

Check the basic functionality of the NI-layer

To perform a self test on the local host start niping with
option -t. The last line of the output should contain
"*** SELFTEST O.K. ***" if no problems occured.

If you have some more ideas to this topic, please let us know via the Feedback Area.

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