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You are using "SAP on iSeries" ? SAPoniSeries

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!!! Activate your Single Sign On (SSO) in order to remove the many passwords requests !!!
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SAP Where-used list of SAP objects - run SAPRSEUB (note 28022)

If you are interested in the Where-used list of SAP objects, you need the report SAPRSEUB . This one is able to create the "where used list" for all SAP objects as well.

Replacement for saplicense in 7.0 available now - saplikey is the new tool

As of 7.0 SAP uses digital licenses, that cannot be installed anymore with saplicense. Therefore, it was always a pain to install a license in a system with 7.0 when no license was in - saplikey is the new tool, that works perfect for that.

SAP requires Maintenance Certificates as of 2009 for all Support Packs ( Wartungszertifikate )

As of 2009, SAP requires Maintenance Certificates for all 7.0 and higher based Systems for the Support Pack Installation ( Wartungszertifikate ).

SAP on iSeries Performance Workshop on 27./28.05.2009 in Mannheim

We will hold a special SAP performance Workshop on SQL Performance and other related things. This workshop shows you how you can squeeze out your server and increase the performance a lot without buying new hardware.

A few topics, ...

New SAP Support Tool Version Available ( ST-A/PI 01L )

SAP provides in regular time intervals new & updated versions of its support tools. The new version is now available and should be applied soon.

You should install this version asap as the old version is running out of maintenance at 3 ...

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